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Konam-Kenya has focused on programmes like REDD+, agricultural biotechnology for crops varieties.

For mitigation Konam-Kenya has embarked on the climate change, environmental conservation and green technologies programmes that focus on REDD+, agricultural biotechnology to produce crops varieties with enhanced carbon sequestration; conservation tillage for CO2 and methane mitigation; and Biochar, adoption of agroforestry practices; crop diversification; planting of drought-resistant and short-season varieties and introduction of practices to enhance soil moisture retention. Dealing with processes highlighted below:

Serious environmental problems such as ecosystem disturbance, climate change, water and air pollution, and rising sea levels can be seen as the unintended consequences of global development processes.

The climate change crisis and development needs of the world require us to acknowledge the necessity and urgency for both continued growth at the current pace, and rapid greening of this growth strategy.

  • Soil, Water and Biodiversity Conservation
  • Climate Change Mitigation (Including REDD+)
  • Climate Change adaptation and Social Development
  • Pollution and Waste Management, (Including Bio-Remediation)
  • Green Technologies for Sustainable Development