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Our Vision

The organization envisages on a viable wide cross-section community development where all people lead a dignified life.

Our Mission

Konam-Kenya facilitates factors of development to accelerate and enhance viable community development.

Our Goal

The organization enhances uplifting the capacities of the community in socio-economic development to bring a meaningful community positive change and lead a dignified life.


Providing Best Viable Development to Community

The organization is a non-profit making, non-governmental organization that was established in 1998 as a community-based organization and developed to a registered non-governmental organization in 2003 a situation that has seen the organization going uptrend to working internationally.

KONAM-KENYA basically involved in implementation of philanthropic project serving the real community felt needs, engaging and capacitating them to solve their own challenge hence minimize dependency ratio.

The organization deploys active community participatory approach to issues and it is through this philosophy that the maiden name Kenyan Organization facilitating Active Community development Methodologies   (KONAM-KENYA) is derived.


The organization is engaged in the following community development areas:-

  • Provision of relief items to the needy community
  • Agri-business development
  • Ensuring adequate water and sanitation to the community
  • Climate change and environmental conservation
  • Gender development involving young girls, women and children
  • Socio-economic development
  • Cross-cutting issues including HIV/AIDS, Health etc


The organization has always been value driven, continuing to direct the organization growth and general principles through the following values:-

  • Mutual Respect
  • Entitlement
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Involvement

With emphasis these perfect system shall work at all levels in the organization principles which enhances our milestone towards the solid growth of the organization image, status, and broad community cross-section coverage.


The organization believes in community self sustenance through use of the available natural, social and economic resources and minimize dependency.