Konam - Kenya

Viable Development



In 2001, Lake Jipe in Taveta District was nearly drying up, before efforts to revive it began as an emergency intervention to save lake jipe. The lake which is shared between Kenya and Tanzania, had lost over 50 per cent of its water and became a muddy slosh a situation that wildlife got stuck and died in search of water as it serves as the only water reservoir for wildlife in Tsavo East National park.

The drying of this lake was largely due to destruction of water catchment areas, proliferation of the typha weed and diversion of fresh water recharge from River Lumi the only major water inlet of Lake Jipe discharging the water to River Ruvu the lakes outlet which is hardly 1 km and is on the same side with the inlet.

Several efforts by different players proved fruitless until the source of the problem was identified by Konam-Kenya and therefore mobilized resources through Community Development Trust Fund under Biodiversity Conservation Programme funded by the European Commission.


  • Rehabilitated and restored 5 km of River Lumi course on both sides recharging lake Jipe and restored the ecological integrity of the lake a very impressive success story.
  • Restored and increased food security including fishing activities and recovered farms that were swampy
  • Piped water connected to the community through community terminal water points 11 km from Mata
  • A multi-sectoral institutional structure – the lake Jipe restoration forum was established